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Friday, April 22, 2011

Music that is not to be missed

So many good albums have come out this year, that I have not had time to even get jaded.  Life is good.

So here they are:

For all you folk lovers

Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean

This album is a very refreshing listen.  It's different from his other stuff in that it's much more jazzy.  He's got a lot of jazz instruments in there and some truly funky beats.  I bought my ticket to see him this year because I've wanted to see him live for ages AND it's right by my birthday.  Perfection, or what?

You can listen to the whole album in a special live performance from NPR

William Fitzsimmons - Gold In The Shadow

Highly anticipated, this was, and it did not fail me.  Worthy of repeated listens in my opinion, but I've preferred relaxing, mellow music lately because of my insanely stressful life.  He has such a soothing sound.  Excited to see him live again in May as well.  (May 18th at Urban Lounge to be exact, must be 21 kiddies!)

Boring video and like all the others, but at least you can look at his adorable face!

Who isn't obsessed with beards!!!

Bright Eyes - The People's Key

This actually exceeded my expectations.  It's like a perfect blend of I'm Wide Awake It's Morning, Digital Ash In a Digital Urn, and Cassadaga.  This album should not be missed.  I can't stress it enough.

Your lucky day.  The band filmed it's own listening party when it came out so you can listen to the whole thing!

Having a bad day?  Need some cheering up?  Listen to this upbeat goodness and your frown will surely turn round.

Peter Bjorn and John - Gimme Some

I will prove this with a song.

Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours
 This album was such a surprise.  We love every single track.  Just start listening.  You won't be able to stop.  Brooke's favorite is Louder Than Ever.  Go there now.


Now, this may not appeal to everyone, but this girl is amazing.  Trust me. Live, she is completely magical.  She absolutely shreds on the ukulele and her looping skills are GEN-I-US.  This music sincerely moves me on the inside, if you know what I mean.  It makes me catch my breath.  I have to dance...I have no choice.  Good thing we all have a chance, because she's coming May 3rd.

Here's a music video worth a watch.

Here's another video that show her skills live.  Don't worry.  She starts playing the uke later on...  I've seen her live several times.  Always by accident, but I believe it was 'meant to be' because I can't get enough.

And last, but certainly not least for the time being: one of my guilty pleasures.

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby

I'm proud enough to say that I'm not ashamed to admit to the world that I love Avril Lavigne.  Her poppy teen music is just irresistible.  I listen to it in the gym, driving in the car, basically anywhere.  It's perfect to sing along to.  She's in her mid 20's now, and still as immature and annoying as ever (i made the mistake of watching her 'making of ' video for this album and was bitter-sweetly dissappointed.  Bittersweet, because I don't care.  It's all about the overproduced, predictable, radio-friendly garbage.  I'm sorry if this offends you, but I'm being real and honest.  We are allowed a guilty pleasure now and again, no matter how embarrassing, right?

I won't force a listen, but go preview the whole album in iTunes.  No song disappoints.  I'm serious.

Please comment freely.


  1. I'm going to Iron & Wine too! So so stoked.

  2. Avril, Ke$ha and Brittany Spears have infected my entire listening library.This has carried over to my station and now I keep getting recommended girl pop. Guilty Pleasures