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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rory Spotlight!!!

I have recently had the recurring impression to spotlight one of Ali's friends, Rory.  He decided to answer my questions, so now you get a glimpse of who this great man is.

 (This picture was taken at the Michael Jackson party this summer.)
He declares Michael Jackson as the greatest pop artist of all time, and rightly so.  Our friendships all depended upon this one response.

First off, I asked him what his first memory and impression of Ali is.  He said, "My first memory of Ali was when she was in my driver's ed class.  Her and I would exchange dirty notes back and forth.  I thought she was cool because she was keeping up with the vibe I was giving off."


My first impression of him was when I picked him up with Ali in the car and we stuck a mix in that he had just made for Ali.  There was some Format on there, so my first impression was a good one.  Then, the second time I saw him, he wowed us with a guitar piece of his own composition about Halloween.  (He has refused to record it in costume thus far.  Perhaps if there was some compensation...monetary or otherwise?)  Nonetheless, he is great.

 His favorite band right now is Bombadil, specifically the Tarpits and Canyonlands album.  "[He] can't put them down."  They are sort of folk-pop and very indie.  Unique and musically gifted.  Great choice.

His favorite artist of all time is Bob Dylan, and favorite band of all time, The Killers.

He believes that his smile came from his mother, but he hasn't really noticed. 

If given a choice, he would love a boxer for a pet.

He prefers Super Mario Bro's over Tetris.


  1. This man is amazing.
    And he is....well...GORGEOUS.
    Nice work Ali.