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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Domestic Dispute III

I came home from school to the most pleasant surprise.  Shelly was talking on the phone, very loudly, right outside my window.  She was telling someone that Harry had written a suicide note/will.  He left his son the piano and everything else of value, including all the money in the bank, he left to his mother.  Nothing for Shelly.  She was very upset about this, especially since he mentions in the note how much he loves her and the boy.

Bottom line:  she expressed no concern about his health or mental status, just what was in it for her - best case scenario (i.e. Harry dying).

She did mention that he had been prescribed some anti-anxiety medication when she had left him for a time in December.  I would bet my life that it was a benzodiazepene of some sort like Lorazapam or Diazapam...something like that...  She didn't know for sure.  Those can be fatal in overdose because they can cause respiratory and CNS depression.  Harry is OK for now though.  He's home.  Brooke saw him the previous night take his trash cans out to the street.

Harry is not letting any information from the hospital or the psych ward get back to Shelly.  She has no idea what is going on.

After he had OD'd, he went driving around, drunkenly looking for her.

Too bad for us, she went inside after this and there was incoherent yelling that, for the life of me, I could not distinguish.  I'm sure more will surface.  Time will tell what will happen to our ill-fated neighbors in domestic distress.  Until next time...

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