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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sisters cont.

This is in reference to the former blog post about my reading a certain book called The Idiot by Dostoevsky.  There is more! 

It turns out that the eldest daughter is basically a fat spinster...who is getting on in years and has no prospects.  Sad, but true.

The middle daughter is dating someone and is actually serious.  They are engaged, in fact.  Oh funny.

The youngest is a player, breaking hearts left and right.  She kinda leads guys on and then laughs in their faces.

Note to Ali:  I'm not calling you a lazy whore by making these comparisons.  It's just too funny how oddly these things are matching up.

Oh and no one even tried to guess the movie I was referring to.  It's Meg Ryan's quote from You've Got Mail.  The exact quote is this:

        "So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around? I don't really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void."

...such a great movie.  I should stop watching so many chick flicks.  It's just gonna make me a bitter, sour old spinster. ;)

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