This is for all admirers of the notorious Weldin sisters. It's a compilation of stuff that's good for you and educational (carrots) and everything we just need to get out there (throw-up). Enjoy. Note: this is not in reference to Fat Bastard's farts.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today at school I learned the following:

Boys shouldn't wear their board shorts to school. There's a time and place for that, like the lake for instance, not school. Put on a pair of pants and a nice cardigan. Dress for the occasion, damnit.

I really hate it when girls wear ugg boots in the summer. Get your seasons straight.

Actually, I hate when girls wear ugg boots period. The most terrible girls always wear their super flares over the boot. GAH! Terrible I tell you. The only person allowed to wear them is Lucas, because he just looks adorable and homeless when doing so.

I also hate lip liner. All lip liner sucks. Even on you, you mexican goddess.

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  1. Ali, move to the big SLC and live in the snow. Then you will own seveal pairs of ugs in various colors.