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Friday, September 24, 2010

Nerd vs Geek vs Dork vs Dweeb

I stumbled upon this great diagram somehow and decided to put some thoughts out there.  When you are going to call someone a nerd/geek/dork/dweeb, here's what you should keep in mind and what you are really telling someone.  Super-smart but socially awkward? = DWEEB  Obsessively smart? = GEEK  A little bit of everything? = NERD  You get the idea.

Who am I?

Nerd Dork Geek Venn Diagram

Why would such a neat person as I ever classify myself as a nerd/geek/dork/dweeb?  Is it because of my history of social awkwardness?  My inability to get asked out on dates or flirt with the opposite sex?  My lack of "street smarts."  My penchant for looking words up in the dictionary and analyzing what I read and listen to?  Is it because my hobbies fall out of the norm and don't contain widespread appeal?  In all reality it is probably all of the above.

I don't know why this has been on my mind lately.  Maybe it has to do with the advent of the new school year and this being my 6th year in post high-school education.  Perhaps it's my having so much less time to participate in my hobbies that makes me question why I'm doing the things I'm doing right now.  Who knows and who cares?  Nonetheless, I don't think my focus on my studies should automatically classify me as nerdy; nor should my obsession with certain things classify me as solely geeky.


             How does one tell which category you, yourself, falls into?

According to the diagram above, I have given myself scores with vague explanations and generalizations.


  • My social ineptitude would probably be 4/10 because, though born with 'handicaps' in this area, I've been actively working on it and forcing myself to improve for the past few years.
  • My intelligence is definitely excellent in some areas, competent in most, and severely lacking in others (what is the make and model of my own car let alone yours?)  I'll give it a 6/10, because I consider the knowledge I do have more important than what celebrity is marketing Taco Bell and if the starlets are wearing panties or not, etc.
  • My obsessions don't border on extreme at all, especially compared to others I know, but I have more than some.  I also have obsessive behaviors in how I work day to day and the methodical way in which I do things, but I wouldn't call it OCD, so a 5/10 would be appropriate. 

Darn.  I'm a little bit of everything, which would classify me as nerd.  I'm OK with that.  At least I'm relatively balanced, in my own view.  I'm not primarily super smart and obsessed about any one thing.  I'm also not totally obsessed with something and completely socially backward with no intelligence.  Because I do have some obsessions, that rules out primarily dweeb.  Nerd it is.

What are you?


  1. I haven't got a clue as to what I am. I however do have ocd, add, and depression and do tend to know what is going on in hollywood sometimes for some odd reason. I would just remember stupid bits of usless trivia, I've been doing this since I was about 12? As for school I did okay. Mostly an A, B student with english, choir, and art being the better subjects for me. math was the worst. so if you can figure me out then let me know.

  2. I'm going to go with geek for myself because:
    1. I like the color
    2. I'm smart, but I'm also obsessed with which starlets are wearing underwear or not.

  3. Things are a lot clearer now, thanks brooke and brandi.

  4. Nerd is a good thing. And so is this post. And Sarai's comment.

  5. When you are out of school and making the big bucks you will be called "sugar momma" instead of "nerd". Love ya Aunt Tina

    PS - guess I am not anonymous if I leave my name. Duh!!! hahah