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Monday, September 27, 2010

Domestic Dispute II

Everything written in this post is completely true, although names are still changed for respect and privacy purposes.  Go here for former post.

I pulled up to my house today at approximately 12:30pm and before i got my sun shade up an ambulance drove past and parked in front of the neighbors house that i have told you so much about...
Shortly after the ambulance came a fire truck and then a police car. Out of the ambulance came a man and a women who pulled out a stretcher.
I ran inside and got Brandi so we could watch together from her bedroom window. Together we picked apart everything about the situation. One of the 5 men that were there was holding an empty pill bottle so we immediately thought someone must have overdosed. We waited in anticipation for who was going to be pulled out of the house. We should have put it together because the van was gone. Leaving their new silver Charger the only car at the home.
They pulled Harry out of the house and he was looking pretty bad...He was put onto the stretcher and moved to the ambulance. This whole process took them forever so i don't think he's in too bad of shape just a danger to himself.
The neighbors who have lived on the street 10-65 years were across the street so i went to ask them what happened.They explained to me that the couple has been having a lot of trouble ever since they moved here 6 years ago. It turns out that Harry tried to commit suicide this morning by overdosing. The wife and child left the home and called the police.
What an exciting afternoon...


  1. Scary...Wait why did the wife and kids leave him this morning? There is something else to the story.

  2. There is always more to the story. I'm being the best detective I can.
    The old lady across the street told me she had left him before so maybe she's leaving him again...?