This is for all admirers of the notorious Weldin sisters. It's a compilation of stuff that's good for you and educational (carrots) and everything we just need to get out there (throw-up). Enjoy. Note: this is not in reference to Fat Bastard's farts.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boring Smile cont.

Maureen, you dear.

This is not exactly what we were looking for, but you are adorable and these are some great smiles.

From Maureen's own words:
I decided to see if I had mastered the bored smile. And instead I found that I have mastered the "Wow I'm SO excited to be here...Not" smile, and the "I'm only smiling because you don't know what I did" smile. :)
Baby Picture= Mischevious
Freshman Year Pic= Really didn't want to be out in the cold at the football game...but I might as well make the best of it smile:)

So now you know, people, if you get one of these smiles, it means trouble.  That's right.  Trouble.

Keep the submissions coming.

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